How Do I Create A Website?


It is not as impossible as you might think. You can read about keys to a great website or is your website built right later but lets get started on building you a website. I will take you from A-Z and provide links that will help get you going. Step 1 You can either decide […]

Google Authorship Stopped Showing In SERP’s? Problem Solved

Brad Roark New Google Authorship

Within a few hours of completing the necessary steps my profile began to show for all the articles I wrote. If you haven’t established authorship using your Google+ account I suggest reading How to Show Your Author Photo in Google Search Results. For those that have had authorship showing for some time until recent, maybe […]

How Did You Hear About Us? -I For One Scroll Straight To “Other”

Information Overload

Is it really important to know if the visitor filling out your contact form came from the Yellow Pages or the search engines? Trick question –I know. But really, if you’re still using: How did you hear about us? Preceded by 20 different selections. It may be time to catch up to 2013. Granted, this […]

If I Were A Better Writer, I Would Be A Better SEO Professional


Just like many professions there are several layers to being the best in your field. When it comes to writing I lack the skills to be great, but I’m working on it! For some, creativity may limit their ability. For others, its grammar or lack of interest. Putting my thoughts on paper and using perfect […]

The Right Words On Your Website Makes Dollars And Sense

The right words on your website = traffic! There’s no doubt that having a website for your brick and mortar business is crucial, and even necessary these days. But it’s not enough just to have any old website. You need a website that will draw traffic, aka visitors, who are surfing the web. These are […]