If I Were A Better Writer, I Would Be A Better SEO Professional

Just like many professions there are several layers to being the best in your field. When it comes to writing I lack the skills to be great, but I’m working on it! For some, creativity may limit their ability. For others, its grammar or lack of interest. Putting my thoughts on paper and using perfect punctuation so far is my Achilles heel.

SEO professionals, I hope you have moved away from thinking you can do it all. Most of us know our strengths and weaknesses, for me I know when (not if) my writing skills catch up to my technical skills I will have reached another level of indispensability to both clients and employers.

This is my first REAL post on my website. Like most, I’ve concentrated solely on clients and companies I’ve worked for and with, leaving little time to brand myself. Not that I didn’t think I needed to, I like to think I’ve been learning these past several years and that has brought me to where I am now.

To be a great writer that enjoys the technical side of putting an interesting article together or builds in awesome, linkable content may be better at SEO then one that focuses just on the technical side of search engine optimization. We all realize the importance of website copy and writing for your consumer base. How many of you are expanding your writing skills?

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